3D atomizing water fireplace, flame imitation, width 1800 mm, depth 300 mm 1 colour

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Size: 1800 * 300 * 250mm
Installation size: 1780x280x270mm

Producer: Water vapor fireplace
Warranty: 24 months
Code: 3D1800 (1800/300/1)
Availability: 1pc 31.10.2024
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3 299.00 pcs
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Water tank: 3.15L

Power: 630W

Weight: 36kg

Connection: 230V

Burning time 6h - 24h/7 depending on the adjustment

Automatic filling included

Possibility to adapt to continuous operation, for an extra charge.

When ordering the basic model, the price includes:
* Remote control to turn on, turn off and adjust the flame height to 7 levels.
* The fireplace can also be controlled manually on the fireplace, it can be turned on and off and set to 7 flame heights.
* The price includes a tube through which the fireplace automatically pumps distilled water into the fireplace after the filling is turned on. It turns off automatically after filling.
* The steam fireplace is specially modified so that the imitation of burning fire is almost indistinguishable from a classic fire.

Paid services:
* The sound of the fire is possible for a separate fee. When the fireplace is turned on, the sound of fire will be heard automatically. The volume can be adjusted manually on the fireplace.

* The steam fireplace can burn for 4-12 hours per filling.
* If you pay for unlimited filling, the fireplace will work for as long as you want, e.g. up to 24 hours. A 1-5 meter long filling tube will be brought out from under the fireplace or from the side of the fireplace (as needed). The hose will end in the space where you will keep a bucket with distilled water, for example a 5-liter or 10-liter (you can adjust the volume and shape of the container yourself). The fireplace will be set to automatically refill as needed. Your task will only be to check whether there is still enough water in the filling container.

* SMART HOME – smart home is available for an additional fee. This means that you can control the fireplace through the control unit, which must be installed in the apartment or house and which controls everything in the apartment or house. You have one controller for the whole house. We do not supply this device, our fireplace is connected to a SMART HOME apartment or house. On and off functions and adjustable flame height in 7 levels.

* Fire color for an additional fee. Special bulbs are supplied and you can change the color of the fire to any color using the APP on your mobile phone. The fireplace includes the original light bulbs, which you can return to at any time and change them.