3D atomizing water fireplace, flame imitation, Width 1000mm, depth 240mm.


Size: 1000*240*200mm
Installation size: 980*220*220mm

Producer: Water vapor fireplace
Warranty: 24 mesiacov
Code: Model:V-W10 00
Availability: 30 days
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Water tank: 1.3L

Power: 200W

Weight: 17kg

Connection: 230V

Burning time 6h - 24h depending on adjustment

The burning effect results in a dry vapour which has a minimum of moisture in it.

Any objects can be placed in the immediate vicinity of our steam fireplace above the fire effect and the dry steam will not dampen or damage them.

You can therefore place a TV, picture or whatever you like above the fireplace without risk of damage.

When ordering the basic model, the price includes:

* Remote control to turn on, off and adjust the flame height to 7 levels.

* The fireplace can also be controlled manually on the fireplace, it can be turned on and off and set to 7 flame heights.

* Included in the price is a hose through which the fireplace automatically pumps distilled water into the fireplace when the filling is switched on. When full, it will automatically turn off.

* The steam fireplace is specially treated so that the imitation fire burning is almost indistinguishable from a conventional fire.