HANDMADE CERAMIC ACCESSORYin stock 30 pcs€ 35.00 HANDMADE CERAMIC ACCESSORYDimensions: 20x5 (cm) / 1pc / FIREPLACE ACCESSORY NEWin stock 30 pcs€ 29.00 FIREPLACE ACCESSORY NEWDimensions: 22x6 (cm) / 1pc / FIREPLACE ACCESSORY SMALLin stock 20 pcs€ 24.00 FIREPLACE ACCESSORY SMALLDimensions: 21x4 (cm) / 1pc / NATUR BLACK DECORATIVE STONES3-90 dní€ 14.00 NATUR BLACK DECORATIVE STONESDimensions: 1 pack. = 6pcs 4-6cm NATUR WHITE DECORATIVE STONESin stock 2 pcs€ 14.00 NATUR WHITE DECORATIVE STONESDimensions: 1 pack. = 12pcs 4-6cm GLOSSY BLACK HANDMADE STONESin stock 10 pcs€ 29.00 GLOSSY BLACK HANDMADE STONESDimensions: 1 pack. 6 pcs 4-6cm GLOSSY WHITE HANDMADE STONESin stock 3 pcs€ 29.00 GLOSSY WHITE HANDMADE STONESDimensions: 1 pack. 6 pcs 4-6cm DECORATIVE SET OF ACCESSORIES 9pcsin stock 20 pcs€ 32.00 DECORATIVE SET OF ACCESSORIES 9pcsDimensions: 9 pieces 10-20cm DECORATIVE SET OF ACCESSORIES 6pcs3-90 days€ 24.00 DECORATIVE SET OF ACCESSORIES 6pcsDimensions: 6 pieces 10-20cm DECORATIVE SUPPLEMENT nr1in stock 5 pcs€ 5.00 DECORATIVE SUPPLEMENT nr1Dimensions: 1pc / 8x3 (cm) DECORATIVE SUPPLEMENT nr2in stock 3 pcs€ 8.00 DECORATIVE SUPPLEMENT nr2Dimensions: 1pc / 12x3 (cm) DECORATIVE SUPPLEMENT nr3in stock 5 pcs€ 16.00 DECORATIVE SUPPLEMENT nr3Dimensions: 1pc / 17x4,5 (cm) PLASTICin stock 10 pcs€ 1.00 PLASTICDimensions: 10 cm STAINLESS STEEL Funnelin stock 10 pcs€ 9.00 STAINLESS STEEL FunnelDimensions: 11 cm STAINLESS STEEL Funnel 25cmin stock 7 pcs€ 19.00 STAINLESS STEEL Funnel 25cmDimensions: 25 cm Automatic pump for comfortable refilling of bioalcohol into the burners in the biofireplain stock 10 pcs€ 99.00 Automatic pump for comfortable refilling of bioalcohol into the burners in the biofireplaAutomatic pump Silver lighterin stock 1 pcs€ 10.00 Silver lighterDimensions: 1.5x18.5 cm Flexible electric USB lighterin stock 1 pcs€ 25.00 Flexible electric USB lighterDimensions: 1.5x26 cm SOUND OF FIRE 1in stock 3 pcs€ 70.00 SOUND OF FIRE 1Dimensions: 6.5x5 cm SOUND OF FIRE 2in stock 3 pcs€ 120.00 SOUND OF FIRE 2Dimensions: 6.5x5cm / 1pc / + Adapter + Audio cable Stainless steel mirror for biofireplacein stock 4 pcs€ 166.00 Stainless steel mirror for biofireplaceSklo na biokrby /1ks/ 0,24m2 Vyrábame aj na mieru. Tempered glass for biofireplacein stock 5 pcs€ 166.00 Tempered glass for biofireplaceGlass for biofireplaces 0.24 m2 We also make to measure. BIAL FIREPLACE SUPPLEMENT RAL COLORin stock 10 pcs€ 66.00 BIAL FIREPLACE SUPPLEMENT RAL COLORModification of the fireplace to RAL color up to 1 m2. The price of color adjustment of a larger biofireplace will be calculated according to the specific type. VENEER SUPPLEMENTin stock 10 pcs€ 149.00 VENEER SUPPLEMENTBVeneer colors We can adjust each wooden - veneered fireplace to spices and different types of colors and shades.