BIRMINGHAM OFG202 gas fireplace


Dimensions 122 x 122 x 81 cm

Producer: Elementi
Warranty: 24 months
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Dimensions 122 x 122 x 81 cm

With the BIRMINGHAM dining table, you will never feel cold on the terrace again. The ideal height will ensure comfortable dining as behind a classic dining table. You hide the gas bottle in the body of the table and you can enjoy a warm fire with a power of 13.2 kW. A unique alternative from the MODENO edition. The largest table area in our offer

All our tables are handmade from lightweight glass fiber reinforced concrete (GRC - Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete). It is a high-quality material that is not damaged in the exterior and is resistant to UV radiation and weathering.

Package contents:
Lava stone to cover the hearth
Protective cover to cover
Gas regulator
Inlet hose
AAA ignition battery

All our tables are sold assembled, just pour the lava stone into the hearth, connect the gas regulator to the bottle and everything is done.

Useful information
Care and cleaning

Highly durable cast concrete material
Electronic ignition control with automatic safety shut-off
Power approx. 12 kW
Dimensions 122 x 122 x 81 cm (l / w / h)
Weight 91kg
Burner dimensions 30.5 cm
Focal dimensions 45.1 x 45.1 x 0.5 cm
Package dimensions 127 x 127 x 10 cm (l / w / h) TOP 73 x 73 x 80 cm (l / w / h) BASE
Package weight 110 kg
Accessories 6kg pack of lava stone in a package, canvas canvas packaging
Optional accessories
Internal gas cylinder location (inside the table)